Dining Options

for All Tastes

An integral part of our gracious lifestyle, dining at The Mayflower is truly an experience. Superbly prepared and creatively presented cuisine is offered in a variety of options ranging from formal dining in a restaurant-style atmosphere to casual dining in our Grille Room and room service.


Grille Room

If you’re looking for a small intimate space to enjoy a drink at an old-fashioned wooden bar before dinner, head over to The Grille Room — a cozy, low-lit area decorated with stunning artwork of iconic Florida scenery. Whether craving something sweet or savory, it’s also the perfect space to enjoy a quick bite before venturing out to your next adventure in Winter Park.



The Mayflower is all about class-A living, so it’s no surprise our fine-dining experience is an exceptional opportunity to bask in culinary luxury. From white tablecloths and a stellar menu to impeccable service from wonderful staff members who remember you by name, this dedicated space is where moments are created over good food and fellowship. Whether you’re craving exquisite lamb chops, seared duck breast, or comforting meatloaf, the three-course meal option is designed to satisfy every palate. And the desserts? Only the best confectionary delights for our residents!



The option of having access to a private dining room area for special events is a nice perk for residents who are members of our Admiral’s Club. Host a birthday party or a celebratory luncheon for close friends — whatever event needs special attention, we can accommodate.



Serving as the gateway to the new Bristol Landing neighborhood, the clubhouse will provide an elegant, warm space for socializing inside and out. Designed as the perfect bistro-style spot, residents can grab a bite to eat, play a round of billiards with friends, watch the big game on the big screen, or enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the waterside deck.