Stimulating Programs & Activities

There’s Something for Everyone at The Mayflower

The Mayflower’s well-rounded programming and activities roster is built on the four key components of brain health and fitness: socialization, mental stimulation, spirituality and physical activity. We offer a long list of lifelong learning courses, health and wellness programs, cultural activities, and travel opportunities. A partial list includes:

  • Classes in conjunction with Rollins College
  • Local, resident-led, Think Tank, global issues
  • Book Clubs
  • Men’s Group (business-oriented programming)
  • Art classes (oil, watercolor drawing, pastels and crafts)
  • Numerous card clubs, including bridge and poker
  • Current events
  • Bible study and expanding prayer life, religious services
  • Chorus, music classes
  • Ballroom dance class
  • Model railroad
  • Technology classes
  • Happy hours, parties and captivating entertainment
  • Needlework classes
  • Woodworking/Fix-it Shop
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Idea and economic forums conducted by Rollins College professors
  • Guest lecturers and visiting programs
  • Leadership Legends (through Winter Park Chamber of Commerce)
  • Travel opportunities