What Better Time Than Now To Read?

April 30, 2020

What Better Time Than Now To Read?

“The more that you read, the more things you will know,” wrote Dr. Seuss in his book I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.  

As we spend more time at home to curb the spread of coronavirus, books have returned to the spotlight as a way to expand our horizons at home. Just as important, reading is shown to have a host of benefits for your health:  

  • Stress less. Avid readers won’t be surprised to hear that sitting down with a favorite book can make you feel less stressed. That has benefits for your health, like lowering blood pressureimproving cardiac health and boosting immunity. It’s also a good way to slow down when things feel overwhelming – something we can all benefit from right now. 
  • Sleep better. Reading before bed – especially as an alternative to watching TV, checking email or looking at a phone – can significantly improve your quality of sleep. TV and the Internet are also designed to produce a constant stream of attention-grabbers to keep you scrolling. By contrast, a book is self-paced and relaxing, which makes it easier to fall asleep.
  • Stay sharpBookrequire more active attention span than other forms of entertainment. Reading comprehension also exercises your memory capacity and executive function. Over time, adults who read fiction and nonfiction books tend to earn higher scores on cognitive tests than those who read only newspapers.  

There’s never been a better time to tackle your to-read pile – or to try new books in your free time. But if your local library is closed, it may be worth exploring alternatives.  

Many libraries offer e-books and e-audiobook downloads through the app Libby. It allows you register your library card to browse, place holds, and check out books just like you would in person. Once you’ve read (or listened to) the book on your app, you can return it to the library through the app. If you forget, don’t worry: At the end of your loan, it will return automatically. 

Here at The Mayflower, residents embrace lifelong learning as a critical component of wellness – and many, like Radford Reams, are avid readers. Although our community library is currently open only one day a week, with strict social distancing protocols in place, Radford visits every week and checks out as many as six books at a time. All visits are made by appointment, and a Lifestyle team member is present to assist with sanitizing books and surfaces.  

As the spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, The Mayflower’s top priority remains the well-being of everyone in our community. For the latest information on our coronavirus response and preventive measures, click here. 

Our commitment to total wellness – including the assurance of compassionate, quality care in any circumstance – sets The Mayflower apart. For more information, contact us hereor give us a call at 407-672-1620.