Planning for Peace of Mind

May 21, 2020

Planning for Peace of Mind

In turbulent times, it can be harder to know what your health – or your healthcare – will look like in the future. That’s why Jack and Sally Williamson chose The Mayflower – and why they say the key to finding peace of mind in life’s later years is to plan, plan, plan.

  1. Understand the options. Life Plan Communities provide several different types of contracts. The Mayflower’s “Type A” is the most comprehensive in the industry – offering a turnkey package that includes pre-funded long-term care, meal plans, and a variety of services and amenities. Other communities have “fee-for-service” options that offer a lower up-front expense, but will charge significantly more later on for assisted living and skilled nursing services. According to Jack, who made his career in finance and still works part-time as a tax accountant, planning for the long term is critical for maximizing value. “You have to think of it as an investment in you,” he says. “But that’s why planning is all the more important. The biggest financial component is the entrance fee, but it’s an absolute worthwhile investment for your future well-being.”
  1. Ensure access to care. Healthcare needs change as you age – and should you need assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing at some point, it’s a comfort to know that all these services are available within your community. Sally, who served as Director of Activities at The Mayflower’s Health Center prior to becoming a resident herself, says she saw firsthand how important that can be. “I just can’t imagine people who don’t have a plan to take care of their life, not knowing what might happen down the road,” she recalls. “At The Mayflower, all levels of care are right here.”

As time goes on, Jack and Sally say they’re more confident in their choice than ever.

“The care and concern that the Mayflower staff has exhibited over the years we’ve lived here has been phenomenal,” the couple says. “But this has been further exemplified by their patience and understanding during the coronavirus pandemic. We feel safe and secure in these very troubling times and can think of no other place that we would rather be.”

As the spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work, The Mayflower’s top priority remains the well-being of everyone in our community. With all the things to worry about in this uncertain world of ours, that level of comfort and security is priceless.

You can read more about the Williamsons in our Navigator magazine. For more information about our community and our new neighborhood, Bristol Landing, visit our expansion page here, send us a message, or give us a call at 407-672-1620.