Could Music be the Key to Longevity?

February 22, 2019

Could Music be the Key to Longevity?

Everyone knows there’s no “magic pill” to cheer you up and cure your ills. However, science increasingly shows that there’s one simple method for people of any age to improve their quality of life: pick up a musical instrument!

According to a scientific review conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts and the University of South Florida, making music is correlated with a host of physical, psychological and social benefits, especially for adults over 60. No matter what kind of music you’re making—singing in a choir, learning a new instrument, or practicing one you’ve played all your life—studies show that music can reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate your brain, and lift your spirits.

Many of the studies consistently listed the same physical and mental benefits to musical participation later in life. Playing or singing on the regular keeps your brain active, which can help prevent the decline of cognitive skills and improve memory. It also keeps your body agile and builds stamina and dexterity, which can mean fewer doctor visits, less medication, and improved endurance. Plus, creative expression and performance has been shown to raise self-confidence, happiness, and satisfaction.

As an added benefit, music is even better when done together! The close bonds created through group music classes, choirs, bands, and collaborative music can form the basis for new friendships and a strong social network.

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