4 Fitness Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

July 19, 2019

4 Fitness Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

In the words of Buster Poindexter in his 1987 hit single, it’s July and we’re “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!”

With temperatures high and forecast to get higher, it can be hard to maintain a regular exercise program. But consistency is the key to fitness success. Most people start off gung-ho. They want to push themselves to exercise for an hour or more every day of the week. In reality, we can only maintain that intensity for a short time before we get burned out.

And backsliding on an exercise program doesn’t take long: After just two weeks of inactivity, our bodies start to lose muscle mass. Instead, start small but keep it consistent – even during the summer. Here are a few tips to staying active and beating the heat this summer:

Tip #1: Exercise in the Early Morning or Early Evening

The sun is less intense at dawn and dusk, so it’s the best time to go for a quick stroll or dip in the pool. Exercising in the cooler hours also reduces your risk of heat exhaustion or other heat-related injuries.

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated

Hydration is so incredibly important and it’s very easy to get dehydrated in Florida. Always drink water before and after any kind of exercise. Get in the habit of drinking water with meals, and keep a bottle on hand when you go out.

Tip #3: Try New Indoor Activities

Curious about trying Tai Chi? Or maybe you’ve thought about joining that water aerobics class everyone keeps talking about. Summer is the time to try new indoor activities. Here at The Mayflower, we offer a variety of fitness programs that are held indoors (with an abundance of air conditioning!) Our classes include Balance, Weights, Core Class, Zumba Gold and more. I also recommend walking at the mall and even indoor sports like bowling can keep you active too.

Tip #4: Dress Loose and Light

Finding clothes that are light-colored, airy and well-ventilated will keep you comfortable in the summer heat. When your body can regulate its temperature properly, it goes a long way in fighting heat-related illnesses.

By making smart choices about how we stay active, we can continue to enjoy the delights of Florida all year long. Here’s to your health!

– Sarah Burke, Wellness Coordinator